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Zoe and Lily Hall, daughters of Craig Hall, have grown up on Cherryburn farm in the Majura Valley. From as long as they can remember, they wanted to be farmers just like their father Craig Hall, grandfather Bruce Hall, and great grandfather Jack Hall. Cows, sheep and horses were the first thing they knew. Along with their Father and Grandfather, they learnt about fixing fences, breeds of cows & sheep, how to ride horses, and everything else to know about running a farm.


Craig Hall bought Cherryburn farm in 1993 and immediately set up a multiple prize winning Cattle Stud. In 1997 along came Zoe Hall, 1999 came Jack Hall and finally in 2002 came Lily Hall. All three children were instantly thrown onto a motor bike and into farm-life with their father. In the midst of growing up, riding horses, cattle work, schooling, sheep work, and sports; became the idea of honey. Upon their father purchasing another farm in Bourke with bees producing honey, the girls fell in love with the naturally sweet taste of local Australian made honey and refused to eat the ‘supermarket’ brands.


A few years later the girls, along with their father, wanted to broaden farming from just cows and sheep, to include honey. Majura Valley Honey has been a working project from 2015 with the first batch becoming available for purchase from April 2017.

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